Luke is “Too Stupid” for…

Luke finds a way to use telling me that he’s “too stupid” as an excuse/reason for everything in existence in the history of ever. I wish I was making this up. I wish I could figure out if he’s saying he’s stupid because he’s depressed, because he believes he is stupid, or because he thinks it will get him out of doing what he needs to. Unfortunately, I just don’t know.

I ask Luke to load the dishwasher after dinner: He’s too stupid to load the dishwasher.

Luke needs to finish his homework before playing a game online: He’s too stupid to finish and might as well give up on ever playing the game.

Luke should read the instructions before assembling something: He didn’t read the instructions because he’s too stupid and he refuses to read the instructions because he’s too stupid.

I ask Luke to floss his teeth in the bathroom instead of the kitchen: He’s too stupid to floss his teeth in the bathroom.

I see Luke is upset and ask him why he’s upset: Because he’s stupid. (No other reason given ever)

I ask Luke how his day went: It was awful because he’s stupid.

If Luke picks up a fork instead of a spoon absentmindedly: He’s the stupidest person that ever lived.

This evening Luke scooped too much pasta onto his dinner plate: He was the stupidest person I know according to him. (Jonathan pointed out the massive abundance of pasta on his plate, not me.)

One of the cats hurt her nose at the vet. Luke asked why the cat’s nose was injured. I explained the cat hurt her nose at the vet. Luke was stupid because of course he should have known that this happened.

At the dinner table, Luke tried to correct something I said. He tried to correct it incorrectly, but I didn’t point that out, I just kept talking to Jonathan. Luke started loudly proclaiming that he was stupid because his correction attempt was incorrect.

“Too stupid” knows no bounds and is also extremely frustrating. Telling him he’s not stupid and providing reasons why just makes him angry and argumentative. Ignoring his claims of stupidity just makes him proclaim his stupidity even louder… Listing examples of things he’s done which show he’s not stupid leads to door slamming or red-faced crying.

I guess I’m going to go to Luke’s counselor and ask what to do during his next session 2 weeks from now. I really don’t know what else to do.


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