The Poor Girl Blues

Times have been less-easy lately. I would say times are hard, but I also know that times are much harder for many and in comparison I have an easy life.

Jonathan hasn’t worked this month because of a job scheduling problem with the contractor he works under. While he doesn’t earn a lot, the $500/mo he usually gives me helps. Now, without the anticipated $500, I seem to be falling behind on everything. I’m back to stretching every dollar, couponing, and allowing myself few if any conveniences. No coffee, no fast food, no snacks, bring lunch to work every day, no driving unless necessary, no shopping for non-grocery items…I’ve had lots of practice being poor.

Oliver, Luke, and I were going to travel out of state this weekend to visit my best friend Lea and have fun in a big city, but I couldn’t afford it. I had to cancel the trip last minute because we can’t afford the gas for the 6hr drive. Fortunately she can afford to visit us here, but the kids are disappointed the trip was cancelled. No one except Lea and I know the trip was cancelled because I couldn’t afford it.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Jonathan his lack of income caused the cancellation. He is already stressed, anxious, and sleepless because he is so worried about jobs and money. Last week he could barely eat because his stomach was churning with stress. Jonathan would work if he could. Unfortunately the weather and schedules just haven’t worked in his favor.

Fortunately, some friends have offered me free lance work on the weekends so I’ll have a  few weekends to close the gap. Here’s hoping for more freelance work and that my RA/fribro keep relatively quiet until that work is done.

2 thoughts on “The Poor Girl Blues

  1. I am really sorry for your financial crunch. I had many yeas of that. I was the bread winner and did not get much bread, but my wife was like you–pinched every penny twice. I wish you well.

    1. I hope I’m as good a penny pincher as your wife. Being short of money is something I’m very used to, honestly. I was very poor growing up and for most of my adult life until recent years.

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