The Corner, The Gap, and Reprieve

Maybe Luke Will Turn The Corner

Sometimes, I think Luke will pull through his depression and other times, I think he may be stuck there for life. This weekend he threw a tantrum at the pumpkin patch. Other children and parents were staring. Yet, on the ride home, Luke apologized for his bad behavior.

After spending 30min in the car on the way to a job complaining about how stupid he is, Luke found a credit card I dropped and decided maybe he wasn’t so stupid after all.

Maybe we’ll turn the corner with Luke.  Maybe Luke will end up on medication by the time he’s 13.


The Gender Pay Gap

Overall, I try to keep a positive attitude about work. If positive isn’t possible, I try to be indifferent. I’ve spent too many years being 100% invested in a workplace; allowing my job to define me only to be laid off. I vowed this job wouldn’t command every moment of my time.

In spite of trying to keep a somewhat positive attitude, my job has been a source of frustration lately. As I watch my (male) coworkers purchase new iPads, iPhone 6s, brand new top of the line cars, and add additions to their homes, I struggle to support my family. All of the coworkers have teenagers or college students. All but one have stay at home wives. It’s pretty clear I’m being paid significantly less than my coworkers based on standard of living.

I’d ask for a raise, but TheCompany has a policy against asking for raises. Raises aren’t granted without approval from HR, and the CIO. Obtaining approval from both typically doesn’t happen – at least I’ve not heard of a case where both HR and the CIO have approved a raise request. I guess it’s “raise control”. Many people have relocated to different cities and states to work for companies without such a ridiculous policy. Those who remain are people such as myself – people with family in the area.

As much as some people refute the wage gap between men and women, I can attest that it is very much real. Similar education and experience. Completely different pay grade. My (male) supervisor also favors other (male) employees which is a topic I could write an entire post about.

Health Update

I’m having a reprieve from fibro/RA pain lately. It comes and goes, but unfortunately it comes more often than goes. I’m experiencing moderate fatigue so it’s been hard to get everything done, but I have been able to work on chores around the house.

Unfortunately, I’m having terrible eczema across my stomach, on the underside of my right arm, and across my left hip. The itching is so severe it wakes me up. I wish I knew the cause because it is extremely irritating. Alas I do not so I’ll slather on allergy relief creams so I can get some rest.


One thought on “The Corner, The Gap, and Reprieve

  1. You sure have some challenges in you life. TV consistently reports that women on the average make 25% less than males doing the same job.

    There is another side to that as to my department long ago. I was under pressure to keep expenses down. I notice many gals in the Administration department doing typing, etc. Some gals just looked really smart and a few would warm me about an adjustor’s report they typed. I would check their HR record and always found they were either going to college part time or doing some serious self improvement studies.. I would hire them for ‘entry’ level claim adjusting positions in my department—they had to be trained. By coming to my ‘professional department, their salaries doubled as to them, but since they were entry level, my overall salary average was lower than other departments. So, it would seem in my department that gals were paid less than guys.

    I sure hope your fibro and eczema do better.

    Just a thought. Some of these I-Pad and show offs, could be using credit cards like I did once early in our marriage—eventually it will catchup to them.

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