Hives, Hives, Hives

Well, the hives are back. At least 40% of my skin is broken out in hives and eczema. It feels like my skin might catch fire from all the itching and burning. I’ve been taking Benadryl at night so I can sleep. Even non-drowsy allergy meds make me drowsy so I try to suffer through the day applying hydrocortisone to hotspots as needed. Every day starts with a cold shower which provides a few hours of relief.

It would be great to know what’s causing this misery. I’m using hypo-allergenic everything. I moisturize with coconut oil with added vitamin E which I patch tested first – that’s not the cause. Does one of the cats or dogs have fleas? Nothing shows up on a flea comb, but I’m splurging on some Advantage II just in case. I haven’t changed any medications, soaps, or detergents.

I really don’t have time for this. I’ve got work to do and I need to close the income gap since Jonathan had trouble finding work this month. That means working the normal day job hours and putting in lots of hours on side jobs. I don’t have time to knock myself out with Benadryl because I feel miserable.

2 thoughts on “Hives, Hives, Hives

  1. John has the tendency to get hives instead of hay fever like symptoms. People think about pollination occurring in the spring, but there are fall pollinating plants as well. I use a mixture of Benadryl cream and hydrocortisone on John. It seems to work pretty well. I prefer the spray, but since it has alcohol in it, it makes John’s eczema worse.

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