New Disease. New Drug.

The dermatologist has diagnosed me with subdermal eczema. I have eczema under my skin. Ugh. The going theory is that I’m having some type of allergy that set off the eczema which is being worsened by my immune system attacking my skin relentlessly. That certainly explains the itching, lesions, rashes, cracking, swelling, and irritation.

The treatment – at least the first treatment to attempt – is the RX steroid ointment desonide. Desonide comes in a tube and has the texture of petroleum jelly. After taking a cold shower, I am to squeegee the water off my skin with my hand and apply the ointment to any itchy red areas. Neither warm showers nor towels are part of the treatment unfortunately. After applying the ointment, I should wait for an hour then cover my skin in petroleum jelly before putting on loose fitting cotton clothes.  According to the dermatologist, most patients experience a burning sensation after application.

Practical, huh? (<-Obvious sarcasm)

I asked what I could expect if I went without yet another steroid. Burning, lesions, scaling, peeling, oozing, scabbing and possible infection are some of what I can expect without the steroid ointment. I was already washing with Cetaphil soap, patting dry with a towel washed in hypoallergenic detergent, moisturizing with coconut oil/Aveeno Eczema, and applying hydrocortisone to any hot zones before the dermatology visit. My regimen covered all the home treatment options available.

I’m so tired of having problems. I try so hard to stay healthy yet I seem to constantly suffer from one BS autoimmune problem after another. The situation is extremely frustrating. I will say, however, that intensely itching all over and feeling as though your skin has been run through a cheese grater is also intensely frustrating. At least it doesn’t burn.

4 thoughts on “New Disease. New Drug.

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and hope you dont mind a comment from a stranger, but I can really empathise with you on the eczema.
    I had it for all my life in one form or another and the worst was tiny ‘holes’ that appeared under my skin, that then split and cracked. Very painful.
    I changed from cows milk to goats milk about 7 yrs ago in a bid to help my fibromyalgia – and my eczema disappeared. I only very rarely get a mild outbreak on my hands if i come into contact with detergent without using gloves.
    Maybe this would be worth a try for you?

    1. I don’t mind comments from strangers at all. 🙂

      I don’t consume cows milk. I’m mostly vegan, actually. But I definitely appreciate your suggestion and I’m glad it helped with your fibro and eczema. I stopped drinking cow’s milk to help my asthma since milk thickens mucus and it did help quite a bit.

      I wish I could identify so sensitivity or allergy at fault here, but so far I haven’t had much luck. My insurance doesn’t cover an Elisa allergy test, but when I can save up $300+ I’m going to try for one.

  2. Obviously, this is a terrible skin disease and sorry you are going though it. I said a prayer for you.

    Let’s hope the treatment works.

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