It’s like a sunburn with blistered covered in poison ivy…

It’s been a few days since starting the steroid ointment and I wish I could report a vast and tremendous improvement, but no dice. My skin is in the same shape it was in a few days ago. It feels a bit like having a sunburn that blisters covered in poison ivy – a maddening level of pain, itching, and general misery.

The dermatologist advised me not to use a wash cloth in the shower so the lotions, creams, balms, and ointments are forming a thick sticky film on my skin. Since I’m taking cold showers, the film doesn’t wash off. Perhaps being covered in ilk would be worth while if it lessened the severe unending itching or burning, but it seems to make no difference. I itch and burn just the same.

Since I had the day off today, I washed all the bedding and vacuumed the house just in case one of the pets had fleas. Last night I medicated all of the pets with Advantage II. Even if the pets don’t have fleas, cleaning the house from top to bottom took my mind of the intensity of the itchiness for a while.

Sadly Halloween was dampened by my skin problems. I was too itchy and rashy to wear the costume I planned so I ended up wearing a skeleton shirt.  We drove to the city to visit a friend. The night turned out to be cold and rainy. The kids didn’t want to walk around the neighborhood trick or treating. I was supposed to drop photos off at a clients house but completely forgot. We ended up coming home early and I’m feeling a bit bummed that my favorite holiday was so uneventful.

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