Is This Really Eczema???

Since visiting the dermatologist, I’ve been following the recommend eczema protocol. However, the dermatologist didn’t seem certain I had eczema although he diagnosed me with subdermal eczema.

The rash isn’t rough, the skin is not broken or cracking, and applying Vaseline seems to aggravate my skin instead of help. Also, my skin itches intensely – as in it causes me to lose sleep because the itch is so severe. While I don’t have patches of broken skin, I do have lesions. The lesions are shallow and about 1cm in diameter. I also have blisters – small fluid filled blisters which are independent from the lesions.

My hair is falling out.

I have a blister on my tongue.

The eczema therapies aren’t working.

Is this really eczema??? Do I have another autoimmune disease affecting my skin? My PCP believes that my skin rash is autoimmune and NOT related to eczema, which differs from the dermatologist’s diagnosis.

Meanwhile, I’ve switched back to moisturizing my skin with my own coconut oil cream recipe. It seems to be slightly more effective than vaseline at controlling the itching and it doesn’t leave a slimy, gooey film on my skin.  This is a maddening situation.

12 thoughts on “Is This Really Eczema???

    1. It’s twilight zone weird. Also – the dermatologist had the “Wellll…I *think* you have a case of subdermal eczema…” sort of tone which wasn’t terribly convincing.

      1. Shouldn’t he be looking into what it is so he can certain. Based on what you described in the pictures on the internet, it is possible that it is subdermal eczema. However, if he is not convinced and he has seen your rash, he needs to do his job and find out what it is.

    1. Nope. I gone some steroid cream and instructed to follow the cold shower, petroleum jelly, and steroid cream routine for a week. The dermatologist plans to biopsy one of the skin lesions if my symptoms don’t improve. I see a biopsy in my future.

  1. I really hate be an experiment for the ‘experts’ I pay mega money to. Come on, do you know what you’re doing or not doctor?

  2. Your rash sounds similar to mine. I’ve had it for over 10 years. It’s on my hands and developed when I was working at an Italian restaurant with my hands in pizza dough all day. My doctor then told me it was fungus, but the anti-fungal creams made it worse. Not too long ago, my immunologist told me it was dyshidrotic eczema and prescribed the steroid cream betamethazole. I’m supposed to keep my hands dry (hard to do with no dishwasher) and stay away from nickel and sodium lauryl sulfate, which is in everything. The steroid cream keeps it in check, but the only time it went completely away was when I was on a strict gluten-free diet. I hope you find the answer to yours soon. The itching is maddening.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I usually avoid sulfates because I’ve always had sensitive skin and sulfates make my skin feel constantly irritated. Also, sulfates aren’t good for those of us with big fluffy afro hair so that’s some additional motivation for going sulfate free.

      The itch really is maddening.

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