Christmas Crap? No Thanks.

I asked my sister not to send me anything for Christmas. This is the same sister – my only sister – who told me I could not be in her wedding party because I am fat. When I photographed her wedding at her request, she treated my assistant and I like slaves. She treated us worse than the catering staff, actually. After the wedding, she demanded I burn the unedited photos to a DVD and ship the DVD to India out of pocket and that was just the tip of the nasty-behavior-iceberg. She’s not a good person, my sister.

Every year she sends my gift to my mother. My mother quite literally hates me and doesn’t speak to me unless her boyfriend forces her. It’s my sister’s way of ensuring that I interact with my mother and that my mother gets a chance to tell me how I’ve ruined her life. It’s all manipulation.

I’m done with manipulation. I told my sister that Jonathan, Luke, Oliver, and I already have so much and to please donate to our local animal shelter for Christmas. My sister can complain and whine to my dad all she wants but I’m not accepting her Christmas gift of arranged abuse this year. I’m done putting myself in horrible situations for the convenience of others.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Crap? No Thanks.

  1. I found your blog from another post and love your honesty! I don’t follow a lot of blogs unless I feel a connection. I feel a connection!!!! My heart hurts for you. I read your about and life kind of sucks sometimes. We don’t always get to choose our families! But… the great thing is… you can rewrite your story and write in the characters in life that make you happy. The book is not over when we move on! We just have a blank slate to write what we really would like our story to be!
    Merry Christmas my friend! May your next year be blessed. And may your gift be a brand new chapter that doesn’t rely on the old characters to create the … “And she lived happily ever after!” (Sorry if that sounds cheesy…lol. But you really do hold your own pen!!!!) Keep writing! 😉

    1. Thank you, dear. My life is happy at least 60% of the time. I write to think things through and often hard times require to most thinking. I photograph to feel things through so I typically document my happiness with photography projects.

  2. It is good that you are demanding respect by your actions. I hope you and your family do something to enjoy the holidays. These very mean cruel people can ruin things for us just because of the memory. I am sure you and your family will have a great Christmas.

    My wife had a horrible mother that she took care of until she died. Her mom has been dead about 3 years, but my dear wife has not emotionally buried her.

    Wow!! It is almost Christmas. lol We get to see our single daughter again for Christmas and that is always fun. I am OK as long as there is a Starbucks nearby when they shop.

    1. I often think about your wife’s mother when I think about my mother, actually. I think about how much time and emotional energy your wife invested all through her life. Sometimes I feel sad for her because having a horrible mother is such an awful burden. Other times I admire her and wish I was patient with my own mother’s behavior. My mother is always quick to remind me why I have grown so impatient with her behavior, however.

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