The Best Christmas

Christmas was happy. It was the happiest Christmas I’ve had since I was a little kid.  I stayed away from my mother, father, sister and brother and celebrated Christmas day with Jonathan, Luke, and Oliver. After the divorce, I spent Christmas alone. I was supposed to spend Christmas with my father, but my sister flew my father across the country to spend time with her instead. Christmas was dreaded…until this Christmas.

Luke and Oliver received a fuzzy blanket, a Doctor Who poster, Minecraft, towels, shirts, and tons of toys and candy. Since Luke and Oliver argue over the ownership of towels nightly, I got them color coded towels for Christmas. An odd gift, I know, but there hasn’t been a towel fight since. The fuzzy blankets were unexpectedly popular.


Jonathan gave me an iPad. He told me he was getting me an iPad in advance. Luke picked out a teapot for me. It’s dark blue with a lacy silver design that matches the kitchen. Oliver made me a blue clay flower at school but he wrapped it in a ball of newspaper so I thought it was trash and nearly threw it away. Fortunately Oliver warned me not to throw them away just before I reached the trash. I’m going to put the blue clay flower on my desk at work.



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