Jonathan’s Birthday

Today is Jonathan’s birthday. Luke, Oliver, and I went to the store after work where we bought a huge cheese cake platter and a variegated ivy plant. Jonathan loves ivy. It reminds him of the house he grew up in. Then I went to Jonathan’s “favorite” fast food restaurant – there are only 2 restaurants within 30 minutes of the house – and picked up burgers with bacon. I opted for a salad because I typically don’t eat meat and haven’t eaten a burger in over 15yrs.

Now Jonathan, Luke, and Oliver are upstairs playing Super Smash Brother’s. They’re having such a good time I can hear them laughing downstairs in the bedroom with the door closed.

When I really think about it I live a dream life. I live with a group of people who love me and each other and they’re laughing together. It’s wonderful.

One thought on “Jonathan’s Birthday

  1. Happy to hear you feel that way. I have been thinking of late as well how fortunate an 81 year old man I am.

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