I Really Hate Toy Guns

Good News

Yay! Jonathan made a little extra money this week so I can buy some of the salicylate-free items I need before beginning guaifenesin therapy. I’m almost completely out of shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel.

Parenting: Luke was dumped

Sadly Luke’s girlfriend dumped him for another boy. I wish I were surprised but Luke’s former girlfriend dumped another boy to date Luke so it’s no surprise at all…to me, anyway…it’s a surprise to Luke. I understand the girl is 12 but she seems exceedingly dramatic even for an adolescent. I hope Luke takes the opportunity to spend more time with his friends. Yesterday he was sobbing in the car on the ride home, but today he seemed much happier. He spent a few hours drawing comics and telling me ALL the things after dinner.

I Really Hate Toy Guns

Oliver really irked my nerves today. I can officially say I hate toy guns. I hadn’t really put much thought into the matter until I lived with Jonathan. Now Oliver is always pointing toy guns at Luke and Luke points toy guns at Oliver and they both point toy guns at the cats and dogs. They are always pretending to shoot one another – or actually shooting one another with foam darts and such – when they’re mad. Today Oliver used a toy gun to shoot compressed air into Luke’s ear repeatedly while I was busy cooking dinner. Since a shot of compressed air can injure the inside of your ear, I had to drop what I was doing, chase Oliver down, confiscate the toy gun, and lecture him about it.

I just hate the damn things. Toy guns are currently the bane of my parental existence and I wish I were allowed to throw every toy gun in the house into a giant trash bag and throw it in the bin. Nothing seems to inspire violence, fights, and jerk-like behavior in Luke and Oliver quite like toy guns. Jonathan has no issue with toy guns so for now they remain in the house…sigh…

One thought on “I Really Hate Toy Guns

  1. I played with toy guns as a boy like a cowboy. I also had a 22 to shoot rats.

    However, times have changed and I think your concern is valid. Cops have shot people who had real looking toy guns in their hands. Too many kids have found guns at home and accidentally fired it.

    I guess teaching nonviolent ways of solving problems is the better way to go, but it seems to fly in the face of the current gun loving culture.

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