Cutting Back on The Small Joys

Yesterday I spent $20 on a shampoo, conditioner, and mouse. I feel guilty about spending $20 even though I was completely out of conditioner, nearly out of gel, and had maybe 3 washes left in the shampoo bottle.  I tried to buy reasonably priced items and the only reason I didn’t go cheaper is that I’m allergic to ingredients in many of the super cheap shampoos. The fragrance especially makes my scalp a red rashy, itchy, disaster.

My hair texture is also a bit of an issue because I can’t use “normal” hair products. My hair texture is big, puffy, curly-wavy, a bit like Lorde’s hair so I need lots of conditioner and gel to keep my hair from turning into a big, tangled, smelly ball of frizz. I could write an entire post about my hair, honestly.

I used to enjoy buying hair stuff and cosmetics. Now, since I take care of 4 people on one income, I dread purchasing anything no matter how small.

Saving money on such a tight budget takes an OCD-like level of financial self discipline. You have to compulsively not spend. No treats. Only necessities and even then only necessities which are on sale.

I came across this article while scrolling through Twitter. It’s true that eating lunch at your desk, cooking at home every day, and limiting outings with friends to save money definitely limits the small joys. I haven’t found some [free] small joys to take the place of small joys which involve spending money yet.

Tomorrow will entail a trip to a different store in town to pick up more supplies to start guaifenesin protocol. I suppose I could go without any makeup at all, but my skin is such a mess I’m sure it will attract negative attention at work. I’ve always been prone to red splotchy skin and, in spite of having medium tone hair, I have clear lashes and brows – a bit like Tilda Swinton’s brows and lashes, only more clear and less white-blond.

3 thoughts on “Cutting Back on The Small Joys

  1. I kind of understand. We were very poor for years. Sometimes at the grocery store, if I could not eat the item I wanted, I did not buy it. I wish you well and hope one day this will just be a memory.

  2. I’ve spent the past 6 months playing around with makeup to boost myself confidence, and a lot of it is hit or miss. Because of that, I have a lot of leftover makeup I’d love to send you. If you can specify which ingredients you’re allergic to, I can see if I have anything that fits the bill and send them over to you.

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