The Stupid Injury (and Sal-Free Shopping)

Stupid Injury is Stupid

I was able to leave work on time today. Yesterday I worked late then stopped by a friend’s house to bring her a baby shower gift. I missed her baby shower because I was crushed with exhaustion that weekend.

When I got home, Jonathan snuggled in bed with me for a while. I needed to lie down when I got home because I injured myself in the stupidest way. I coughed in a store and somehow injured the muscle that connects your shoulder blade to your spine. Now, whenever I move sharply or breathe deeply, I’m punished with a sharp stabbing pain in the back. It’s easier to accept an injury and pain when you’ve actually done something to warrant the injury. I coughed.

I've injured the rhomboid major...coughing of all things.
I’ve injured the rhomboid major…coughing of all things.

I’m Not Angry…Not Mental Either

I’m not angry with Jonathan any more. Anger passes. That’s the second reason I don’t confront Jonathan when I’m angry with him – anger passes. Expressing my anger isn’t worth being told I’m mental which, in turn, makes me all the more angry.

Yes, it’s not fair that Jonathan associates my legitimate anger with his ex-wife’s irrational, mental illness fueled, angry outbursts. Fortunately, I don’t often to stop to contemplate the fairness of life or the fairness of being incorrectly judged by another person.

Salicylate Free Product Shopping

Sal-free shopping continues slowly. Today I picked up Vaseline Lip Therapy balm to replace my beloved Nivea Lip Butter. Almond oil and castor oil contain salicylates.

I was using Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer and I picked up No7 Radiant Glow concealer to try as a replacement. The ColorStay concealer contains several plant extracts and plant extracts contain salicylates.

I’m disappointed my favorite No7 foundation isn’t sal-free. Especially since sal-free Covergirl Liquid Powder foundation settles into the dry, peeling patches of winter skin on my cheeks and forehead – not a cute look unless you’re a zombie. No7 foundation contains kiwi fruit water and other seed and fruit extracts which – you guessed it-  contain salicylates. Next, assuming I have the money in the budget this month, I’m going to try L’Oreal Lumi Foundation since it’s a liquid which can be blended more easily.

Next trip to the store, I will pick up Olay Total Effects Cleanser and Maybelline Great Lash BIG mascara because I have high value coupons. I also need to find a sal-free brow product to color in my nearly invisible brows however it’s proving difficult to find one that works and isn’t completely outside my tiny budget.

5 thoughts on “The Stupid Injury (and Sal-Free Shopping)

  1. I am still noticing your struggle with Jonathan. That has to be tough compared to an ex–anything. At least my wife does not compare me to the guy she dumped me for before we got married. She went with him 4 months and then wanted me back. She still mentions his name 59 years later. I hope your skin problems get better in time. I have to see the dermatologist every 4 months now to fight the skin cancer.

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