Very Needy

I feel very needy tonight.

I need a cortisone shot in my left hand and left foot. Both are swollen, red, and painful.

I need the torn muscle in my shoulder to finish healing so I can get more things done around the house.

I need to sleep.

I need to wake up before the roosters crow to help Luke with his math homework.

I need a new washing machine because mine is leaking from the tub and it’s almost the price of a new washing machine to fix it.

I need money because Jonathan’s van is broken and he needs to take it to the shop.

I need to take the big dog to the vet because he’s developed a mysterious cough. It’s like dog asthma and is definitely not kennel cough which is weird.

I need to work 3rd shift on Friday night.

I need work to slow down a little so I can take lunch breaks.

I need a break. I can’t take a break because work is mandatory right now and no time off will be granted. Besides, what would I do? It’s not like I have money to go do something fun.

Oh, so many needs.