Parenting Luke; Winning The Bread

Luke’s girlfriend broke up with him again today. I swear, even for a middle schooler, that girl is ultra dramatic. According to Luke she said he “was nice but treats her like trash”. Seriously, kid? How can someone be nice to you, pay attention to you, buy you gifts but also treat you like trash? Does this girl just not understand the definition of “trash”? So, naturally, I spent an hour dealing with upset inconsolable Luke. As of a couple hours ago, I’m pretty sure Luke and his girlfriend made up for a 3rd time.  I wish Luke would just break it off with her and find a less manipulative girlfriend.

Luke also claims he has “lost all his friends”, but I wasn’t able to get any detail from him other than that. However, Luke is also extremely dramatic and prone to exaggeration. For instance, tonight at the dinner table he told us that he “almost lost two fingers” implying that 2 of his fingers were nearly cut off. In reality a kid knocked a basketball out of his hand as Luke was trying to pass it to another kid and that caused a couple of Luke’s fingers to bend back uncomfortably. For all we know Luke could have gotten into a slight disagreement with a single classmate.

Next week, Luke will be added to the waiting list to be tested for learning disabilities and psychological problems. Hopefully we will uncover some ideas on why Luke is failing his classes. Luke has yet to verbally express why he is failing and I’m not sure he know why he is failing. Luke attends math tutoring twice weekly. I work with him on homework every night. Yet, somehow, he’s still failing nearly every class. Luke repeatedly declared that he wishes I could just stay home and teach him. Obviously, home schooling is not an option because I support the family.

I’m the bread winner. I’ve never liked the term bread winner. It’s like something out of a dystopian YA novel where people fight over bread to fend off starvation. “Look! I won the bread! Someone else lost the bread! I’m in some way better than poorer families!” That’s just not how I think.