Less Pain; More Shopping!

The pain has decreased some today. My knees, feet, and hands aren’t swelling today so I only have mild foot pain and moderate back pain. Yesterday I experienced such a high level of pain that the pain constantly intruded on my thoughts. Today I’m able to think about other things for a while. I was able to cook dinner without sneaking away to the bathroom in tears afterwards. That’s the difference between a good day and a bad day with fibromyalgia. There is always pain, but on bad days I can’t push through the pain to function.

Jonathan’s work truck broke down this evening so he didn’t get home until almost 9P when he finally asked me to pick him up. Prior to that, he insisted on working on his truck where it stopped trying to repair it enough to drive it home. Normally I parent the kids in the morning through breakfast and catching the bus and Jonathan takes over after dinner until bedtime. Since Jonathan didn’t make it home until bedtime, I was the morning parent, put in 10hrs at work, the doing all the animal chores person, and the evening parent. Thank God today was a better pain day.

I got to take a break at work today. I haven’t gotten breaks for weeks because of a project I was working on. On break I found a great deal on protein treatment for my hair – it’s normally $20 a bottle and it was marked down to $10.53. The protein treatment is sold by Sally’s Beauty Supply, but I can’t find a link to it on their website. Protein is good for curly hair as it helps strengthen the hair and form curls, otherwise curly hair can poof into a big frizzy mess. Some ladies use eggs or mayonnaise. Since I’m allergic to eggs, I can’t use either.

Also, I found two antique metal counter height stools at the consignment store next door for $70. The new replicas of the stools are listed for over $300 on Overstock. Fortunately, Jonathan earned some extra money last week so we can afford the stools. Six months ago, Jonathan built this awesome marble tile bar in the kitchen and we haven’t been able to afford stools to sit at the bar! Most of the materials used to build the bar were left overs from client jobs so, even at $70, the stools will cost more than the bar.

I love finding great deals. It’s the only way I can afford to have nice things!