And Pay I Did…

I paid dearly for behaving “normally” yesterday. I could barely walk when I woke up this morning and I was still limping severely when I arrived at work. Coworkers stared and asked one another what was wrong with me. I wonder why people don’t just ask the person doing the limping? I’d tell them I have RA. I’d tell them I over did it this weekend and my hips, knees, and feet are reacting in typical RA fashion. Limping (or walking oddly) is something that I deal with from time to time and, while I used to be ashamed, now it’s just part of life.

All day at work I felt like I needed a shirt that explained I have RA in big bold letters so people would stop speculating. The worst speculation was that I’m limping because I’m an unhealthy, lazy, lard ass. (When you say rude things about someone, the subject always finds out through the grape vine.) Yes, I am fat. I’m over 5’7″ and weigh 240lbs. I wear as size 18. I’ve gained weight from taking steroids to control RA and because RA limits my ability to exercise. However, I’m no lazy lard ass. I’m a whole foods vegetarian and I eat that way to help control inflammation – not to make other people happy. I get up and do what I can whenever I am able because I’m tough and I get things done in spite of my diseases. How dare people pass judgement on my health based on my weight!

Losing weight doesn’t fix RA. Losing weight doesn’t fix fibromyalgia. In fact, I was much sicker when I constantly focused on losing weight! Some people are astonishingly ignorant.

4 thoughts on “And Pay I Did…

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I told my son I shouldn’t have walked so long even if dr prescribed without building up. Now I have had severe pain, worse than usual, just because he pushed me to walk so much. Now I don’t know if it will alleviate on its own or not. He doesn’t understand Fibromyalgia. Take care of yourself.

    1. Usually the pain caused by overdoing it lessens after about 3 days for me. I don’t know if this is your experience, but I hope your pain subsides soon. Fibromyalgia is a really sucky disease that ruins normal activities for no good reason.

      1. The biggest problem is that I was already in quite a bit of pain and this just seemed to be the icing on the cake. It has been 3 days and no change at all. Last time I had to get Lidocaine/Steroid shots in the trigger points.

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