Money, Money, Pharmacy, Gyoza!

Money: The Vet Appointment

BigDog went to the vet today. He’s been coughing for a couple weeks but I was hoping the cough would clear up on it’s own because I have no money. Sadly his cough didn’t clear up so to the vet we went. A few tests and $230 later, BigDog was diagnosed with a bronchial infection. Thank goodness it wasn’t something worse. I was concerned he had swallowed one of the children’s toys or that he had contracted heart worms which are both so expensive to treat that I could have afforded neither.

$230 is difficult. $230 will require months of sacrifice on my part. But it is possible for me to come up with $230 and I’m grateful. I love BigDog and I’m so glad he’ll be better after a few weeks of antibiotics.

Money: Can I Afford 4H?

Speaking of money, Luke and Oliver have decided they want to attend 4H camp this summer at $250 each. On one hand, I would really like them to experience summer camp. On the other hand, that’s $500 and I earn *just* enough that we don’t qualify for financial aid. I don’t know where we’ll come up with the money. I really don’t know.

Pharmacy: Ugh…

Still no word from the pharmacy on my missing meds. The current hypothesis is that the meds are lost in the mail. However, the pharmacy won’t release the USPS tracking numbers to me so I have no way of confirming the meds are actually lost. I’m so frustrated I’m tempted to price other insurance plans just to see if there is any way I can possibly afford an insurance that doesn’t require me to use such a crappy pharmacy.

Mmmm. Gyoza!

On a positive note, I found a package of frozen gyozas in the bottom of my freezer. A friend brought me treats from Trader Joe’s months back since I live on a mountain in the middle of nowhere 4-6hrs from a Trader Joe’s. I made the gyozas as part of dinner and Luke discovered a new food he loves. The gyozas were filled with bok choy, carrots, ginger, onion, and some other vegetables. Super delicious dipped in soy sauce.