Stupid Migraine

I had lots of topics in mind to write about. Then I got a migraine and wrote nothing. I don’t get migraines often, but when I do, I lose the ability to focus my eyes. I’m literally legally blind for hours. So that’s what I did this evening instead of working over time or writing – I lost the ability to see for several hours and took a nap. What else could I do with a splitting headache and no vision (especially since I have hearing loss and lipread)?

Now I feel like tomorrow will be overwhelming because I’ll need to put in even more overtime to catch up on the overtime I should have put in, but instead had a migraine. I’m sure withdrawing from the medication the pharmacy lost started the migraine. I went through this once before when the pharmacy failed to send my meds. It’s both infuriating and depressing since there is nothing I can do about the pharmacy that won’t jeopardize my own job.

Migraines are so stupid. The pharmacy is stupid. I’m going to bed.