The Awful Pharmacy Supervisor

I went to the pharmacy as soon as it opened this morning. I picked up the meds that the pharmacy claimed to have shipped but had not actually shipped. The meds were “returned to stock” because I “waited too long to pick them up”. I was so angry. I’d called check the status of my meds every 2-3 days. The pharmacy only told me the meds had not been shipped and were returned to stock yesterday during my 4th follow up call.

I tried to speak to a supervisor. A woman appeared from the back of the pharmacy and treated me like a rambling lunatic. She was condescending, sarcastic and rude. She raised her voice so the other patients in line behind me could hear her list my medications. She shouted the name of the antidepressant especially loud. I raised my voice to equal hers so all the patients in line could hear what was really going on. I’m not ashamed that I need medication to function or that I have chronic illnesses. I’m not ashamed that I take antidepressants for the crushing fatigue that accompanies fibromyalgia. I live this life 24/7 and could not care less if strangers in the pharmacy line know.

The pharmacy supervisor resolved nothing. She told me I was calling the wrong number, that I shouldn’t use online refills, that I should only request one refill at a time…a bunch of bogus information that the pharmacy has contradicted in past interactions. She just made nonsense excuses to get me to leave.

Visiting the pharmacy was an awful way to start the day. I was late to a meeting at work because it took over 45min for the pharmacy supervisor to speak to me. I was the 2nd patient in line when the pharmacy opened so the wait was absurd. The pharmacy’s incompetence is negatively affecting my health, but I literally have no alternative. It’s like being trapped in an abusive relationship. I can choose not to take the meds I need or choose to deal with the pharmacy and both choices are dreadful.

When I finally got to my car, I felt like crying from sheer frustration and anger. How is treating a patient like this even remotely acceptable? Just…how???