The Awful Pharmacy Supervisor

I went to the pharmacy as soon as it opened this morning. I picked up the meds that the pharmacy claimed to have shipped but had not actually shipped. The meds were “returned to stock” because I “waited too long to pick them up”. I was so angry. I’d called check the status of my meds every 2-3 days. The pharmacy only told me the meds had not been shipped and were returned to stock yesterday during my 4th follow up call.

I tried to speak to a supervisor. A woman appeared from the back of the pharmacy and treated me like a rambling lunatic. She was condescending, sarcastic and rude. She raised her voice so the other patients in line behind me could hear her list my medications. She shouted the name of the antidepressant especially loud. I raised my voice to equal hers so all the patients in line could hear what was really going on. I’m not ashamed that I need medication to function or that I have chronic illnesses. I’m not ashamed that I take antidepressants for the crushing fatigue that accompanies fibromyalgia. I live this life 24/7 and could not care less if strangers in the pharmacy line know.

The pharmacy supervisor resolved nothing. She told me I was calling the wrong number, that I shouldn’t use online refills, that I should only request one refill at a time…a bunch of bogus information that the pharmacy has contradicted in past interactions. She just made nonsense excuses to get me to leave.

Visiting the pharmacy was an awful way to start the day. I was late to a meeting at work because it took over 45min for the pharmacy supervisor to speak to me. I was the 2nd patient in line when the pharmacy opened so the wait was absurd. The pharmacy’s incompetence is negatively affecting my health, but I literally have no alternative. It’s like being trapped in an abusive relationship. I can choose not to take the meds I need or choose to deal with the pharmacy and both choices are dreadful.

When I finally got to my car, I felt like crying from sheer frustration and anger. How is treating a patient like this even remotely acceptable? Just…how???

5 thoughts on “The Awful Pharmacy Supervisor

  1. I’m sorry this is happening to you, I am lucky that my pharmacy manager calls me “Trouble” and knows my boyfriend pics up my meds and my mom pays through her HSA account over the phone since she is 2000 miles away and never hassles us about it all, and he clips coupons for me and adds them to my account and orders meds overnight for me ALL THE TIME and is total devoted sweetheart. But it took a while to find him. He’s even helping me get off of some of the meds so I can have a safe pregnancy if my doctor gives me the go-ahead to at least try.
    Being treated like you were for a legitimate prescription is complete crap. Having someone violate HIPAA by screeching your prescriptions to an entire pharmacy is illegal, no matter if you can hold your head high and avoid embarrassed or not, because her intent was obviously to “shame” you in some way for trying to pick up things you need to get by with chronic illness. I hope this gets solved soon and you can go elsewhere next time. Find a local chain pharmacy, they’re the best and often the cheapest, although I find the price fluctuates a bit more than with other places depending on where they got it from that month.
    I’m truly sorry you had to deal with that super disrespectful pharmacy manager and still didn’t get what you needed, and it is truly horrifying how many of us have to deal with this from either a doctor, family and friends, or nurses and pharmacists. It’s always infuriating. And when it actually messes with your quality of life, it’s awful. Hoping for the best and sending you spoons.

    1. Shouting out the names of my meds might be considered a HIPAA violation, but it included no patient identifiers so it likely wouldn’t. Also, I can’t report it since I work for the company that owns the pharmacy. I’ve already been told albeit vaguely that I will be reprimanded or fired for complaining about the pharmacy,

      1. wow, so your abusive relationship comment, which was what made me comment anyway because I totally feel that way about my last three years plus of treatment, was absolutely accurate.
        Still , that is terrible. No one should have to feel that way all the time, but so many of us face these sorts of problems with the pharmacist and the doctors both being able to cancel a prescription any time based on their “best judgment”. Ugh. It’s bad enough trying to convince a doctor to write the refills, but now having to play a game with pharmacies to convince them to fill the prescription is awful. I hope you find resolution soon.

      2. It does really suck that a few pill addicts have lead the entire medical profession to believe that all chronic pain (or chronic disease) patients are med seekers. I’m trying to schedule a meeting with the director over the pharmacy with a proposal to improve customer service. Maybe if I approach the problem with solutions, I won’t be let go from my job for complaining.

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