Weird Day is Weird

Today has been…weird.

There’s a 6′ long garden snake trapped in the wall of my house.

BigDog is suddenly refusing to allow me to put him on the runner chain in our yard. He insists on being loose which wouldn’t be a big deal if he stopped annoying the neighbors by running through their yards and getting into their trash. BigDog’s penchant for roaming and his trash adventures are the reason we put him on a runner chain in the first place.

Luke did his homework without having a huge meltdown.

Everyone in the house was asleep by 9P except me (I’m usually the first to fall asleep because I wake up at 5A). Even Jonathan was asleep in spite of his insomnia.

Since I’m eating only very soft foods, the TMJ flare feels like it is beginning to subside. Hopefully it won’t go on much longer so I can go back to eating crisp, fresh, fruits and veggies. I miss apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers…even kale; all of which require more chewing than TMJ currently permits.

For the past 2 days, I’ve had a break from exhaustion-level fatigue. Of course I feel some fatigue, but I don’t need to lie in bed for an hour after work just to function in the evening.