The Pastry Incident of 2015

Today has been one of those days. It was raining, a severe pain day, and a face-palm worthy 14hr work day. Goodness.

Fortunately, I got to work from home after 5P so I came home. I was hungry and ate a somewhat stale cherry turnover as a snack. It tasted ok after a few seconds in the microwave, but it was clear why the turnover was nearing it’s date with the trashcan.

Jonathan brought Luke home from math tutoring about 30min later. Luke ran upstairs and immediately started rummaging through the trash frantically.

“My treat! There’s no treat! My favorite treat is gone!”, Luke yelled.

I asked Luke what he was talking about. Turns out, I had eaten the last cherry turnover…LUKE’S cherry turnover.

“I can’t believe you ate it!”, Luke shouted as his face turn red and┬áhis eyes welled with tears.

“I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t know it was yours.”

“Yes you did! I didn’t get any! You knew it was mine!”

“No. I really did not know it was yours. If I did I would have saved it for you.”

“Thanks a lot! There is nothing to eat. You ruined everything!”┬áLuke yelled as he stormed down the hall. He slammed his bedroom door and flopped on the bed sobbing.

Yes, folks. I ruined everything in Luke’s life by eating a discounted, semi-stale pastry. Being 12 is hard.