The Productive Un-Productive Day


I had the day off and big plans, but nothing went as intended. Last time I took a day off to work on the house, I got quite a bit done. Today? Not really.

It was too windy to paint furniture outside. I didn’t have the right paint to work on the upstairs bathroom. Huge storms rolled through last night and stirred up the well water leaving it a muddy brown. No laundry. No dishes. No cooking. No cleaning. No dog washing. I was finally able to take a shower this evening after the water was left to settle all day.

Cleaning out the pantry was on my to-do list and I was able to finish that task. I filled 6 shopping bags with canned and dry goods and donated the bags to friends. These friends are currently living without electricity after a sudden hospitalization and job loss. They won’t be able to pay their electric bill until September and have needed to visit food pantries to sustain themselves. I figured they would make good use of all our shelf stable extras while making room for food the kids will actually eat. No one in the house is a fan of canned mixed vegetables.

Since I live on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, everything is 30+ minutes away. So, I drove 40min to my friends’ house, then 30 min to the grocery store, then 30 min home from the grocery store. Most of my afternoon was spent driving. Some days I feel like buying a Prius would be worthwhile.

Early this morning, Luke broke his shoelace trying to thread his shoe in some fancy way he learned on youtube. I mended his shoe and lace with a lighter and super glue, but it was clear he needed a new pair of shoes. The sole was ready to fall off any minute since Luke had picked at the glue. So, I took Luke shoe shopping.  Honestly, I needed new shoes too, but I’ve been putting off buying shoes because money has been tight. 30 min drive to the shoe store. 1hr looking at shopping. 30 min drive home. Shoe shopping with Luke deserves a post of it’s own, really.

So, yeah, I cleaned the pantry, delivered food, went grocery shopping, answered some emails from work, cooked food which didn’t need water so I have lunch at work this week, and bought shoes for Luke and myself. After the water finally cleared up, I did 2 loads of dishes, 1 load of laundry, and took a shower.  In list form, I sound productive, but today has felt totally unproductive. Maybe that’s because I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to work on.

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