Guaifenesin: Day 3

Today I’m feeling pretty well over all. Guaifenesin is giving me perpetual cotton mouth, but seems to be helping. After a long week of work, my hands and wrists ache. Today, however, my hands and wrists have felt like hands and wrists that belong to normal people who don’t have a chronic pain disorder. Nice, huh?

My left knee hurts a bit, but not as much as usual. I didn’t need to take my mid-day dose of ultram. Other than the aforementioned cotton mouth, my only other atypical symptom is a slightly sore throat. It’s not strep-throat-sore, but sore like I’ve been yelling all day even though I haven’t been yelling at all today.

The guaifenesin is either really helping, or I’m having a period of symptom remission that coincides with taking guaifenesin. Time will tell.

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