Dee did not have a stroke

Dee did not have a stroke. She had the symptoms of a stroke: slurred speech, one side of her face was sagging, she felt dizzy and had a splitting headache. After hours of testing, her doctors concluded she has conversion disorder. Life has been hard for Dee recently. Sometime soon, I’ll write about Dee’s misadventures. For now, her brain has manifested her massive amount of stress as stroke symptoms.

I was glad to pick her up from the hospital in the middle of the night and learn that her condition isn’t life threatening. She may need physical therapy if her sagging facial muscles continue to be a problem.

I drove out to visit Dee today and brought her some groceries. Dee is back to being Dee again – she has been sleeping in the barn waiting for her pregnant horse to foal. She doesn’t have a drivers license or vehicle right now and she didn’t want to ride with me to the grocery store because she worried her horse would give birth while she was gone. Tomorrow I’ll drive out to her place after work to pick up her medicine from the pharmacy and perhaps meet the new foal.

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