Guaifenesin Update: Day…?

I have lots of interesting things to write about but no time to write. This is the disadvantage to feeling well-ish. I can spend all sorts of time writing about life when I feel to miserable to participate in life, but when I’m feeling well I find so many other things to do.

For the past month, I’ve been helping Dee. I’ve also been running a household, repairing the AC, shelling out $700 to repair Jonathan’s car, working, attending Luke’s learning disability appointments…You know – the usual. My days have been non-stop activity from 5:30A to nearly midnight. There is just so much to do.

I’m not sure if the 20mg Lexapro or guaifenesin is the most helpful. The 10mg increase in Lexapro definitely helps me stay awake, but it also keeps me from feeling emotions. And I do mean any emotion – happiness, sadness, joy, misery…I feel nothing. I recognize when it would be appropriate to feel sad, the sadness just doesn’t come. Neither does the happiness. Living in emotional limbo is a strange place to be.

Guaifenesin seems to be decreasing overall muscle pain and muscle spasms. That is an exciting development. I’ve been able to do normal, pre-sickness, paced activities without days of misery afterwards. I’m still experiencing some pain, just less. So far so good. I have the date I started guaifenesin written down, but I don’t recall the date so I can’t say exactly how many days I’ve been taking guaifenesin now. I do know I’ve been taking 200mg 2x daily morning and night.