Luke Stopped Eating

Luke has stopped eating. He is convinced he’s fat. So, now, he only eats dinner so Jonathan doesn’t know he’s not eating. I am in recovery from an eating disorder (ED) myself and it takes one to know one. Luke is heading down the slippery slope to ED Hell and I feel there is nothing I can do to stop him.

The results of the learning assessment showed Luke’s IQ to be in the intellectually disabled range. Is he *really* intellectually disabled? Can anything I say get through to him and help him understand how horrible EDs are? How EDs steal your identity, zap your energy, ruin your health and life? I just don’t know.

*I’m having a very hard time typing because I’m in the midst of an RA/fibro flare brought on by working night hours and not getting consistent sleep. Being chronically ill makes sleep critical in a way it wasn’t before you got sick. Pls excuse errors*

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