The Oppressive Heat

The temperature was 95 degrees at 97% humidity for most of the day. It has been so hot that the dogs preferred to lie on the tile floor in the basement instead of going outside.

I woke up at 5A to clean before the house warmed up. I’ve been waking up early every morning to close the windows, shades, and curtains to trap the cooler evening air. It makes the house tolerable until 11 or so.

During the heat of the day, I tried to stay out of the house as much as possible. Luke and I went thrifting in search of shorts that fit. Luke, of course, got fed up with shopping after a little less than 1hr and wanted to go home. Then, I picked Oliver up and went grocery shopping. At first Oliver didn’t want to go, but he was glad to be in an air conditioned grocery store once inside. We took our time walking leisurely through the aisles since it was the only chance we had to cool off.

Although it wasn’t in the budget and I honestly can’t afford it, I purchased inexpensive desk fans for Luke and Oliver. They were just so sweaty and miserable. Plus, I have a fan in my room and I didn’t feel it was fair for me to sleep somewhat comfortably downstairs while they roast in their beds upstairs.

I remember growing up without air conditioning. My mother was so paranoid of home invasion and robberies that she kept the windows closed and locked every night no matter how hot the day had been. Sometimes the temperature inside the house was over 100F. I tried to get comfortable enough to sleep, but the sheets would cling to my sweaty skin as I tossed and turned for most of the night. Sometimes I’d try to sneak into the basement, where it was cooler, but mother wouldn’t allow it.

I don’t want my kids to feel miserable like I did. The oppressive heat wasn’t the only cause of my misery.  My mother was abusive. The oppressive heat just to added a suffocating layer to her oppressive parenting style. No one dared get out of bed at night for fear of getting screamed at or beaten no matter now miserable we were. I won’t put my children through that sort of misery.