The Meds Experiments


Today has been a typical day for the most part. I woke up before the sun rose to do chores in my air conditioned house. I struggled with fibromyalgia pain all day and needed more Ultram than usual to make it through a full day of work.

Tongue Blisters O’ DOOOOOM

This week’s super weird symptom is tongue blisters. Not canker sores or cold sores, but large, inflamed, blistered taste buds. Whatever the cause, these mysterious blisters are extremely painful. It hurts intensely just to swallow and talking feels worse than getting salt in a paper cut. I’ve struggled with tongue blisters for a few months now, and I think Optivar allergy eye drops could be the culprit. I ran out of Optivar by accident and the tongue blisters disappeared. Now I’m conducting one of my medication experiments. Stop meds and journal, start meds and journal, stop meds and compare journals, repeat if results are inconclusive.

Guaifenesin Update

Guaifenesin seems to be helping overall. I’m much less tired than I was before I started taking it. My hair seems to be falling out less – this was a big issue over the winter. Although I still have bad pain days like today, the frequency of the bad pain days has decreased. I’ve been taking 200mg 2x/day for 1.5months now.