Jonathan’s Depression

Jonathan was in a foul mood. He was going to deliver a large piece of furniture to a client on Tuesday but the client cancelled. He had to build the huge custom shelving unit twice because the measurement was slightly off on the first cabinet so he was already frustrated.

Jonathan was sitting on the couch in his “man-cave” which was supposed to be a family room but has since been taken over by Jonathan as his snacking/TV watching/sleeping on the couch room. No one goes in Jonathan’s “man-cave” without being yelled at  – myself being the only exception to the yelling rule only sometimes. I asked what I could do to help and Jonathan replied, “Shoot me. Put me out of my misery.”

BigDog started barking because he hadn’t been fed yet so I went out to feed BigDog. When I returned Jonathan had relocated to the garage. I had set a bag of trash at the garage door since the outdoor trash can was full and it was raining. Jonathan was angry BigDog was barking and grew even angrier once he realized I had set a bag of trash at the door. He slammed his tools down on the bench, kicked a piece of wood across the floor, and threw the garage door up the track so hard that the 9′ tall custom shelving unit, which was caught by the door, nearly toppled onto me. I managed to shove the cabinet off myself – barely – by chance and quick reflexes. I left the garage.

I know Jonathan suffers with anxiety and depression. I also have no idea what to do to help him at this point. He gets so angry that neither the children nor I want to be around him. He doesn’t sleep often. He doesn’t eat consistently. The only things Jonathan does are watch TV at night and work all day. That’s it, really.

I have no idea what to do about any of this.


2 thoughts on “Jonathan’s Depression

  1. It sounds like he needs help unfortunately getting him to see he needs help is a whole other thing. I wish you luck. My ex had terrible rage issues, but he considered himself ok. He almost hurt and/or killed others in this rage, but he was just fine he said. I went and got myself help and he was embarrassed and wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He went once and that was not help.

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