Vacation and Gustav The Intolerable

The kids and I are visiting my best friend 7hrs from home. Jonathan wouldn’t come because he hates cities and she lives in a big city. I promised the kids a vacation before I ran out of money so visiting a friend was the only vacation i could afford. Being poor is annoyingly limiting.

The trip has been enjoyable for the most part. Luke has complained about most things for most of the trip. Oliver has done his best to instigate Luke. Luke has also been up to the usual shenanigans like refusing to order food at restaurants because he “doesn’t deserve to eat” and spending all of his money at the mall then complaining that he has no money. At least he hasn’t flopped down on the sidewalk and refused to move or handled feeling stressed by crying and grunting. It could be worse, but a break would be nice.

I’ve taken pics of everything we’ve done and sent them to Jonathan. Jonathan hadn’t replied to any of the pictures or texts. Maybe he’s mad? He’s always mad lately. The night we left he told me that I never listen to anything he says and I’m always dramatic. For all I know he’s not vrepkying because he’s secretly mad about some unknown circumstance. 

Gustav the Intolerable and my best friend live together so I had to deal with Gustav at dinner tonight. Gustav called Luke a brat right after dinner when Luke was having an ADD/anxiety attack. I tried to explain that it wasn’t within Luke’s control and that like does not take medicine yet because it’s a tough medical choice to decide to treat the anxiety or ADD first. Gustav responded that it wasn’t a tough decision. 

Writing this post I realize that today has actually been quite stressful. I hadn’t stopped to consider that until now, honestly.

2 thoughts on “Vacation and Gustav The Intolerable

  1. I can see why you call him The Intolerable!! What a prick!! Personally I applaud you for not medicating Luke. He’s a child with a still developing brain.
    Why does he feel he doesnt deserve to eat though?
    (((((Big hugs))))) for you. Hoe’s your fibro? Are you still using your ‘new’ protocol?

    1. Well, this week we did decide to medicate Luke. More on that later. Yes, I cannot wait for Leigh to leave Gustav because I’m so tired of politely tolerating his BS because he’s dating my BFF.

      My fibro is ok-ish. I’m not taking guaifenesin for 2 weeks to see if my symptoms change for the better or worse. It’s the only way to really know if the protocol is working or if I’m just having a fibro reprieve.

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