Puking Luke (And Fibro & RA Update)

Luke vomited this morning. Repeatedly. For the past 7 days, I’ve driven home the point that Luke should eat a snack when he takes his medication. Today, Luke didn’t eat a snack.

Luke was so violently ill this morning, I stayed home. Fortunately Luke rallied after about an hour. I’m hoping he doesn’t refuse to take his meds because of this morning’s incident since the meds take 6 weeks to work. Before he took his dose this morning, Luke reported sleeping more restfully for the past several nights – a sign his anxiety is decreasing.

The Fibro/RA Update

I’ve felt ok for the past few days. I’m not having epic days of accomplishment, but I’m not flaring and feeling terrible either.

After a few months on guaifenesin, I’ve stopped taking guaifenesin. This is the only way to see if the guaifenesin is helping or if I’ve just been experiencing a cyclical lull in symptom severity. Also, I can’t afford another bottle of guaifenesin right now. The rheumatologist’s office rescheduled my 6mo appointment so I may soon be without pain meds and/or prednisone since the (horrible) pharmacy I’m required to use won’t refill my medications without a visit.

I took the kids on a 3 day trip which cost 2 months of spending money. Jonathan has had extra work lately, so I’m hoping he’ll earn extra to cover the gap. I’m also couponing for Luke and Oliver’s school supplies to spend as little as possible. The trip was fun and the kids had a great time, but this will make the budget miserably tight in the coming months.


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