Life Update / Luke Update

Life Update

I feel like I should be writing something super interesting instead of posting yet another health update. I just don’t have anything interesting to write about, really. Jonathan has been remodeling the bedroom so the bedroom has relocated to the family room downstairs. I’m excited about the bedroom remodel, but I’m getting a bit tired of having no privacy. The kids have full view of the family room when they come downstairs so they walk in on me while I’m attempting to get dressed daily. I’ll be glad when the bedroom is re-done.

Why I Don’t Post More Photos

Also, I was considering posting more photos here. The problem with posting photos. however, is that I have to remove the metadata from each photo before posting to conceal my identity. Obviously this can be quite time consuming since I need to download the photos to a workstation, add to the Lightroom library, then change the metadata, and write the files back to a folder. If you’re ever wondering why someone who loves taking photos as much as I do leaves their blog photo-less, this would be the reason.

Health Update

For the past few days I haven’t felt well. My stomach has been upset and my skin has been dry and itchy. I think the stomach upset has been caused by gastritis which I sometimes get from taking muscle relaxers for back pain. My back and jaw have been hurting terribly so I’ve probably overdone it on NSAIDs and muscle relaxers.

Yesterday I was so nauseated I slept for most of the day to avoid how miserable I felt. I just didn’t want to be awake and constantly feel like I might upchuck at any moment. My stomach has felt much better today, but I’m still eating bland foods to avoid additional gastritis symptoms.

I was having a TMJ flare before stopping guaifenesin. The back pain began after stopping guaifenesin. Sigh…I’m in a constant purgatory of chronic illness.

Luke Update: Doing Well So Far

Luke is doing well on Strattera. He’s been able to focus this week so he hasn’t been running around the house whining about boredom or panicking about his brother’s behavior. Luke could maintain focus long enough to follow an entire recipe for homemade mac & cheese last week – something that’s never happened before. Luke has also been able to read 10 pages of a book and summarize the pages. Before strattera, Luke would forget the material almost as soon as he read it then become frustrated and panic when he couldn’t remember.

Stratterra seems to be suiting Luke and he’s had very few side effects. As long as he takes the meds with food, he’s fine. Luke even seems to be less resistant to eating which is great news because he has been restricting food all summer.

6 thoughts on “Life Update / Luke Update

  1. I think that is what I really missed about Xanga. We always shared the mundane things about our lives and we rarely ever thought about whether it was super interesting or if it had enough wow factor to it. I hope the remodeling gets done soon.

    I think if John keeps up the way he is, he is going to need medication. Right now, I think he is too young to know for sure. He struggles with some of the same things your son is struggling. He says he hates homework because he can never remember anything. For now, I think I am more concerned with when he will stop being fascinated by the fact is armpits stink and mooning me.

    1. I do miss the honesty Xanga.

      Luke is 13 and he has almost failed every grade every year. He repeated 2nd grade, actually. So we’ve come to the conclusion it’s the best help we can give him. Hopefully John’s homework hatred will change with time.

      Thank goodness Luke and Oliver aren’t into mooning me…at least right now.

  2. I’m glad Luke is doing well. I hope you feel better.
    I don’t worry about my metadata since my name is on the blog.

    1. There are plenty of times I don’t worry about metadata, but I can’t say as much for this anonymous blog. My job has policies that prohibit most of my online activities. Sigh.

      1. I understand. My online activities were borderline at best when I was working for the college.

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