The Guaifenesin Helped

Today I’ve suffered through lower back pain all day. I tried all the back pain remedies – pain meds, muscle relaxers, heating pad, gentle stretching…nothing helped. This is the sort of back pain I experience just before I get debilitatingly severe back pain. Today the pain has been a strong, nagging ache. The next stage of back pain feels like someone is trying to saw through my lower back with a steak knife. It’s excruciating. It’s hard to sit, stand, work, or even sleep with debilitating back pain.

Interestingly, I didn’t have significant back pain while I was taking guaifenesin. I’m fairly certain this wasn’t placebo effect because I did not expect guaifenesin to work reduce pain, especially chronic back pain. I’m going to start taking guaifenesin again and up my dose from 200mg 2x/day to 400mg 2x/day. Guaifenesin is also known to thin mucus so I had fewer asthma and allergy symptoms while I was taking it – an important benefit.

Here’s to guaifenesin! Here’s to hoping my back ache doesn’t become debilitating because I don’t have time for that misery!

2 thoughts on “The Guaifenesin Helped

  1. ((((hugs)))) for the back pain and Yay!! for guaifenesin working 🙂
    And less asthma and allergies is a major blessing!
    I’m beginning a new protocol too. Only a few days in on the first stage so far, but fingers crossed.

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