School / Guaifenesin Again

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Luke and Oliver. Oliver reported having a great day, demanded that I purchase a $20 binder for him that isn’t on his school supply list, then went on with being his silly self. Oliver has been obsessed with puns lately.

Luke reported having a terrible day. He said some kid made fun of his glasses and shoes and that he has no friends. BioMom decided not to rent Luke’s instrument for band on Friday when school started Monday. Fortunately I had a friend who was willing to let Luke borrow an instrument given the rental stores were sold out. I tried explaining to Luke that he can have friends who aren’t his age. He can have older friends and younger friends and middle friends. No one says he has to have only friends his age or even be friends with people at school if he doesn’t want to.

We’re on day 21 of Luke’s Strattera. His ability to focus has improved slightly. I’m hoping if we persist with Strattera, he’ll be able to focus better in school and feel less anxious so he can make friends. It’s hard to make friends when consumed with anxiety.

Health Update: Guaifenesin Again

When I woke up, I completely expected my back to hurt since I have been suffering through a backache for several days. To my surprise, my back didn’t hurt at all, but felt a little stiff. I started taking guaifenesin again last night but I expected several days to pass before I felt an improvement. I’m definitely grateful for the sudden reduction in pain. I will continue to rest my back as much as I can for a few days to help prevent another back pain flare since I have a tendency to overdo it when I’m feeling well.

Today I’ve just had some pain and stiffness in my shoulders and hands. I suspect this is related to work since I couldn’t take a break today. I ordered some flea treatment for the pets since I’m worried they might have fleas which make my easily irritated skin itch like fire. As much as I’d like to give them flea treatments ever month, I can’t afford Advantix every month.

Speaking of finances and things I wish I could purchase: I’d really like to purchase a Jawbone UP wristband. Not really to track fitness and obsess over calories, but so I can wake up without waking up Jonathan.

Since I don’t hear well, my alarm is set to a super-sonically loud volume so I can hear it in my sleep. Unfortunately this means that everyone with normal hearing can hear my alarm through the whole house. It would be great to wakeup without irking everyone in the house. Plus, it’s supposed to track sleep so it would help me figure out a sleep routine that maximizes my energy. When you have 2 diseases that cause fatigue, every little bit of energy matters.


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