Luke and Laundry

Luke refused to take his meds this morning. He was shouting at me that he feels like his meds make his math grades worse. His math grades were bad before he started taking meds, mind you. I asked him if he was having any other negative side effects and he said he wasn’t – he just didn’t feel like taking the medicine any more because he “doesn’t need it”. His final words to me this morning were, “Fine. Tell Daddy. He’s not going to make me take [my medicine] so what are you going to do?”

Jonathan heard this and came angrily stomping upstairs shouting at Luke while he was still feet from the kitchen. Luke quickly took his meds, but Jonathan was done with Luke’s behavior at that point and they both got into a huge argument. Jonathan was angry that Luke was having a bad attitude and using him as leverage to defy me, but Jonathan was EXTREMELY ANGRY that Luke’s shouting woke up both Jonathan and Oliver.

This morning didn’t go well, needless to say. Luke left the house with his face red from tears, but medicated. Jonathan left the house in a rotten mood. Oliver left the house feeling irritated because he was woken up by his brother’s tantrum. I left the house late, but not because of Luke’s behavior.

I had to load the car with laundry this morning – 8 loads of laundry to be exact. Since the washing machine is broken and we don’t have laundromats near our house in the country, I loaded the car with laundry before work so I could do laundry in town after work. A visit to the laundromat cost $35 now! I can’t believe it. If I didn’t have a washing machine, I’d have to wash laundry in the bathtub. There is absolutely no way I could afford $35/week.

It took so long to finish the laundry that I didn’t get home until nearly 9PM. Jonathan “forgot” to make dinner for the kids so I still had dinner to make, a kitchen to clean, a car full of laundry to unpack, beds to make, a shower to take, and pets to feed. The kids ate chicken nuggets and mac & cheese while the regaled me with tales of the most recent episode of Super Natural they had watched and how Oliver can earn prizes through the school fundraiser…but only if I sell fundraiser items for him since he doesn’t know anyone who will buy items from him.

What a day. At least I’m feeling better today than I’ve felt for the past 2 days.

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