The Corporate Conundrum

Jonathan got paid well for his most recent jobs, and he gave me a little extra money . Now, I can afford guaifenesin and groceries at the same time! I can afford to buy more foundation to hide the butterfly rash that has been ever present for a few weeks now. I’m not ashamed of the butterfly rash, really. I just prefer to cover it up for work so people don’t ask what happened to my face daily. Butterfly rash doesn’t commonly occur with RA or fibromyalgia, I’m just one of the “lucky” few who has the face plague.

Speaking of work, I’m required to post my photo and name on a public website. Only my closest friends and coworkers know where I work. I’m very careful to keep my personal life and work life separate for many reasons, but the company I work for has been emphasizing “family culture” recently. I guess I’ll try removing photos of myself from social media so it’s harder to see if I’m me?

I don’t want coworkers hunting my social media profiles…or worse, the person who has stalked me in the past getting an updated photo of me. The HR representative who wrote me up for having a social media account in 2007 works in HR at the company I work for now.  While she’s not necessarily smart enough to track down my social media profiles herself, last time she requested a coworker to add me on social media and print out my personal profile which she used to write me up. Also, out of the hundreds of people who work in my building, a few are friends with an ex-boyfriend who has stalked me. All of this makes me leery of advertising who I am and what I look like to the corporate world when I’m usually unwilling to admit that I’m part of the corporate world.

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