My Coworkers Earn More

An inch worm measures my seat
An inch worm measures the car seat

My coworkers aren’t struggling like I am. Their houses are more expensive. Most have one stay at home spouse. Most have kids. I’m the only person at who can never afford to go out to eat with the group; the only person who worries about small purchases – like a $14 book.

I estimate I’m making between 30-50% less than my coworkers based on the items they discuss purchasing, home size/neighborhood/price, and the number and quality of vehicles they own. I struggle to keep my car running. They’re buying a brand new motorcycle in addition to their newly purchased car. Also, none of them appear to have much debt or struggle with money. There are always signs when someone struggles with money – calls to banks overheard, inbound calls from collections agencies, bills left out, checking bank accounts before going to lunch…

Since salaries are non-negotiable, and what coworkers are paid is a carefully guarded secret, the only alternative I have is to look for another job. The problem is, I’m not sure that I want another job. This isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life.

7 thoughts on “My Coworkers Earn More

  1. I always checked with other companys annually to see if i was being properly paid. I have used Employment Agencies in the past with lots of succes.

    Life is not fair. I am sure you will figure something out to improve your finances.

    1. I have checked with other companies. The cost of living is relatively low where I live and there aren’t tons of employment options so most jobs pay less than the national average.

      I may have to take a job in another city and live there 5 days a week for our finances to really improve. I did this once before and was fairly miserable traveling alone all the time, but I might have no other choice.

  2. I know how you feel. I am on SSDI, disability doesn’t pay much. No extras, no nothing. I have a computer a friend gave me.When Dad passes I will be looking for a home with no additional income. Trying to trust in God to provide a way.

    1. My job pays well enough to support 4 people in a house, but we have absolutely no extras. And my ability to afford the house is testament to how far I can stretch every last penny.

      I have a dear friend on disability. I know it’s very hard.

      1. What scares me even more is that they finally get their way and take away disability and Social Security. Or even cut it down. Reality is that we can’t live on what we get. And prices continue to go up. Food is outrageous and we need it to survive.

      2. That is a scary prospect. I’ve helped my disabled friend buy food a least a dozen times because she couldn’t afford it. I don’t understand why the disabled are being vilified right now. There is very little fraud in the SS/disability/food stamp departments overall. People legitimately need help.

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