Rain For Days (And Health Update)


Rain overflows the gutters
Rain overflows the gutters

It has been raining for days on end. Today, I had to leave work early to pick Oliver up from school because so many roads had flooded. As soon as we got home, the rain poured so hard and fast that the gutters overflowed.

I wish leaving early had ended my work day, but I have a project due in 2 days so I worked from home until nearly 10PM. Working late wouldn’t be so frustrating if I were paid overtime, however, I earn just enough that I don’t qualify for overtime in my state. I could explain exactly how that works, but it would be a terribly boring read. The important part is that the company I work for is legally exempt from paying overtime to employees earning a certain amount.

Many of the roads I use to get to work are flooded and barricaded tonight so I may end up working from home all day tomorrow as well. I’d rather work from home, honestly. I accomplish more at home than at the office and there are fewer interruptions at home.

Health Update: Asthma and Fibro

My asthma symptoms are lessening. My bedroom was so stuffy tonight, I turned on the air conditioner to relieve the overwhelming humidity and staleness. Humidity is supposed to be helpful for asthma sufferers however, I find too much humidity worsens my asthma symptoms. Leave it to me to be the weird medical outlier.

My fibro symptoms are a bit better as well. I’m taking 200mg guaifenesin in the morning and 400mg guaifenesin in the evening. The constant ache, stiffness, and sore spots in my lower back have improved tremendously. I can bend to pick items up from the floor without wincing in pain which is a huge improvement. I’ve also been able to sit in the floor, and rise to standing position without needing to pull myself up because the pain and weakness in my knees, ankles, and hips has decreased.

2 thoughts on “Rain For Days (And Health Update)

  1. We could use your rain for sure. Parts of our state are already without drinking water at all

    Work can be frustrating. I have been retired 21 years. Where does the time go?

    Glad you are doing a little better health wise. That is good to hear.

    1. I wish we could send some of the rain. More is forecast for the weekend and there are already flood warnings and alerts.

      According to the alerts for our area, we should prepare 2 weeks of water for each member of the household. That’s 56 gallon jugs of water for the family. Sigh…

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