The Boots I Cannot Have

For 6 months, I’ve been saving all the credit card rewards points to buy boots. I purchase what I normally purchase on the credit card (groceries, phone bill, etc) then redeem the points for gift cards. I planned to use the gift cards to buy boots.

So, for 6 months, I haven’t redeemed any points for anything because I desperately wanted a pair of Dr. Marten’s Victorian print canvas boots in size 9. Amazon had the best price. I’ve longed to have these boots since I first saw them 2yrs ago but never saved up for to buy the boots because there was always another financial priority.

I waited until I wore out nearly every pair of the shoes I had. I waited until I could justify owning $80 boots because I am out of shoes and Dr. Marten’s last forever. Today I received my final gift card. I logged in to make the purchase. The boots have doubled in price to $160. There is no way I can afford $160.

This is why I cannot own nice things…

5 thoughts on “The Boots I Cannot Have

  1. Look, I don’t know exactly what sort of flowers you want on your boots, but there are flowery Doc Martens on Shoemall, 6pm, and PlanetShoes for far lower prices. I hope one of those has your shoes…

    1. Thanks. I can get Amazon gift cards as credit card rewards (free money) so that’s why I’m kinda stuck purchasing from Amazon. I don’t have the cash to purchase elsewhere.

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