Financial Dominos

I’ve said before that life is a series of difficult decisions.

This week it’s one decision after another. Jonathan was planning to pay me for the month. (Jonathan gives me money every month to put toward bills since we don’t share an account.) However, Jonathan’s current employer didn’t get the $21,000 check from a client this week. No $21k check, no money for Jonathan, no money to pay me, no money to pay the bills.

So, here we are. I need to pay a $1,700 bill tomorrow and I have a grand total of $600 to my name…well, and an Amazon gift card that I got to pay for the boots I can’t afford. Do I pay the bill and have no money left to pay any of the other bills? Do I not pay the bill and get slammed with a late fee? Do I pay part of the bill and get slammed with additional interest? Every way to handle this situation has one outcome: I end up owing more than I currently owe and I can’t even cover what I currently owe.

Here’s hoping Jonathan’s employer gets paid soon so Jonathan gets paid so I get paid so I can pay the bills. Sigh…

5 thoughts on “Financial Dominos

  1. I would pay $170.00 as good faith, with a letter inside. 10%, gives you money left over, and yeah, you’ll get hit with interest and late-fees, but hopefully you can make it up later. I would also advise Jonathan to look for another job is one late check to his employer prevents them from paying him.

    1. It’s a medical bill, not a credit card bill. The medical billing company insists the entire bill is due at once.

      Jonathan owns his own business so he’s not really an employee of the guy he’s working for right now. More of a contractor for a slightly larger small company. This is the sorts of things that seem to happen often in construction industry jobs. Insurance checks for huge amounts get delayed all the time.

      The guy Jonathan has been working with is going to to make a 3hr drive to the insurance agency tomorrow to pick up the check in person.

      1. I have medical bills where they insist the same thing. Then I pay them a portion and pay the rest and they charge interest, but that’s it. I get the contractor type scenario. That is one of the hazards of that. Cool that he is going to make the drive, hope they actually give it to him. Insurance companies are the devil! More than foosball!

    1. I can only hope it won’t last forever. It’s also the first year Jonathan and I have owned the house and lived with the kids together so it’s been hard to adjust financially.

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