I spent the amazon gift card

I spent the Amazon gift card on things we need. As much as I would have liked to keep saving it for boots, Jonathan hasn’t been paid and it makes more sense to spend it on things we need. Toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, shampoo, deodorant…  I bought a huge pack of guaifenesin and some hair product for myself. I’m almost out of hair product so I hope the stuff I bought works. comes highly recommended.

This evening I made a  list of things I would buy if I had extra money: A rug for the bedroom floor because the tile is freezing cold in the winter, a light winter coat since the one I have now is unraveling, a cheese grater for the kitchen to replace the one that came apart in the dishwasher, a new pair of shoes…

I stopped because the list just made me feel annoyed I can’t afford anything. I didn’t even put anything extravagant on the list; just things I need or would make good sense to have.

Jonathan’s “boss” (the guy who is contracting Jonathan and paying him right now) drove 6hrs to pick up the missing $21k check today. Perhaps tomorrow Jonathan will get paid so I can get paid. None of the money Jonathan gives me goes to shopping for things like winter coats and cheese graters, but instead to bills. Medical bills, utilities, grocery shopping…

If Jonathan gets paid, I can go grocery shopping this weekend. Since I coupon we have a stockpile and I can skip a week or 2 of grocery shopping if needed. We won’t starve, but the kids would miss some of the regular items they pack for lunch. The kids would discover just now little money we have if I skipped a grocery trip, so I’m really hoping not to skip a grocery trip.

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