Worst. Timing. Ever.

Jonathan got paid today! Well, he got mostly paid. His boss still owes him some money because the bank won’t just full on cash such a large check.

Unfortunately, Jonathan’s payday came too late. The bank made a mistake and over drafted my account by $400. I called today to get the bank to sort out the issue however the bank “can’t” because the electronic payment has already been accepted by the payee. I’m just hoping I can get the bank to refund the $40 fee they charged when my account was mistakenly overdrawn. What a mess. What horrible timing for such a mess too. Ugh.

At least grocery shopping will happen this weekend. For that I’m grateful. Jonathan set aside money for the kids to pick out pumpkins for Halloween too, so we’ll get to have fun. It’s boring to be stuck in the house all the time because your parents are too poor to do anything fun.

2 thoughts on “Worst. Timing. Ever.

  1. You need a break from bad luck. I feel bad that this happens to you. I sure remember bank penalties–i had plenty of them in my younger days.Very frustrating. NIce you can grocery shop. Once we were so low on money that when I went grocery shopping, if I could not eat it, I did not buy it.

    1. I agree. I totally need a break from bad luck. At least for a while. I usually don’t buy things that can’t be eaten when I go to the grocery store. I do buy milk and juice, tho. I’m not sure those count as inedible.

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