Super Massive Black Hole

I’ve spent most of today thinking of ways to dig myself out of the financial black hole. I haven’t come up with a sure-fire solution.

First,  I’m going to sell some fine art photography prints and possibly photo jewelry. I can sell prints and jewelry even if I’m struggling with health issues. For the photo jewelry, I can use smaller prints of interesting fine art photographs to create small wearable works of art.

Secondly, I’m going to work on another website to accept paying photography clients. This will be harder since it depends of feeling physically well enough to complete the work after working 40+hrs/week. However, I’ve been feeling a bit better lately so this just might be possible.

I’m also going to immediately start selling some things around the house that are in good condition but rarely used – like the nearly-new jeans the kids have outgrown and some camera accessories I haven’t used in years.

I considered getting a second job, but I can make more with photography than I can with a second job. Also, I have 24/7 rotations at work every 6 weeks so I can’t work 1 week out of every 6.

Speaking of cameras, mine is currently broken. Thank goodness I used it this weekend to document adventures with the kids because that let me see exactly how it’s broken. The sensor is splattered with grease so every single photo I take has fuzzy black dots on the left side of the image. I have a wedding to shoot this weekend and I could have shot the entire wedding before noticing the issue.

Fortunately, rental cameras are available. Renting a camera will eat away at my bottom line from the wedding, but it will also prevent the images from being completely ruined. A smaller profit is better than no profit at all.

2 thoughts on “Super Massive Black Hole

  1. This sounds very tough. We went through that once, but we slowly dug our way out. My kids still remember it.

    Praying for you.

    1. I was very poor growing up. We didn’t have enough food. We couldn’t afford clothes in good condition that fit properly…even from thrift stores. I’m much better off than my parents were, I just have no extra. There is no padding, no wiggle room, no “hey let’s eat pizza tonight” or “hey let’s go to a movie” money.

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