Another Day…

Today was pretty much like every other day. Nothing to see here. Nothing much to report. I cleaned the bathroom when I got up this morning. I cleaned the kitchen just before going downstairs to bed. I checked the finance app to make sure my recent purchases are pulling money from the correct budgets.

I bought a few accessories for Luke’s Halloween costume at a thrift store for $6.50. Luke is unhappy that the neck tie isn’t purely blue, but after 3 weeks and 6+ thrift stores, I could only find a mostly blue necktie. Oh, the horror!

One of the cats caught a mouse and left the bottom have of the mouse on the door mat to the garage. Gee thanks, cat. Just what I always wanted: mouse entrails.

Oliver sent me a text message before I got home from work that Luke was drinking soda and watching extra episodes of Netflix. Soda is a weekends only beverage and Luke and Oliver are allowed one Netflix episode each a night.  I’m glad Oliver didn’t punch Luke when Luke was monopolizing the TV, but I wish the kids had worked out their problems themselves. First things first: We’ll ween Oliver off expressing frustration physically then we’ll start encouraging the kids to work out problems together.


One thought on “Another Day…

  1. TV control never ends. When Our MIL and her sister (aunt) in thier late 90’s lived with us for 5 years, the fussed over the TV remote terribly. lol It never, ever ends.

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