I get paid less than my coworkers

It feels like there isn’t much to write about that I haven’t already written about.

Today it became apparent that I make a great amount less than my coworkers again. My coworkers were gathered in the hall talking about their stay-at-home spouses (mostly wives) and all the expensive belongings or activities they’ve purchased for their children lately. My home costs half as much as any of their homes and I can still barely make ends meet even with a spouse who works.

I often contemplate changing jobs but fear losing the flexibility my current job offers to deal with child care and my health. Most other jobs in my field involve inflexible schedules, 60+ hour weeks, 24×7 call, and nearly constant travel. Not conducive to raising children. Since Jonathan spends much of his time taking care of his dad these days, I truly am the only one raising the children.

The good news is I’ve paid off one of our outstanding debts so I have a little more money to stretch each month. Mostly I’ll be stretching that money to pay down other debts or to afford Christmas presents since it’s only an extra $100/mo.

On one hand, I need to do something to earn more income. On the other hand, I’m too sick to work a second job and too busy raising children and taking care of everything from cleaning to bills at the house to start a side business.

I’ve written about all this before. It feels like one step closer, two steps back all the time.

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