About Rebekah Miller

I’m not a real person. I mean, I AM a real person, but my name is not Rebekah Miller. According to the social media policies at TheJob, anything I say online “represents the company”. If I state an opinion TheJob doesn’t like, it’s a fireable offense.  No one in “real life” knows this blog exists – not even my husband.

I’m a 30-something divorcee who has remarried to a man with two boys. If I could forget the first marriage, I would. However, the ex-husband left mounds of debt in his wake. I’ve paid off most of his debt, but a few thousand dollars linger. ExHusband’s justification for cheating on me – repeatedly – was that I couldn’t have children due to an autoimmune disease. Yeah, ExHusband is a douche tsunami.

My current husband is Jonathan. We’ve have known each other since childhood. Jonathan’s ex-wife left him, and her 2 children, for another man.  Since Jonathan’s two boys, Luke and Oliver,  live with us 90% of the time, I consider them my kids.  Jonathan is a construction worker. Luke is a middle schooler with severe anxiety and an unnatural love of video games. Oliver is a happy go lucky elementary schooler who is constantly hungry. I sold my house in the city so we could live together in Jonathan’s dream house in the woods.

By day, I work with technology for a major company. This is as much detail as I can give. Outside of the day job, I create art. Why don’t I create art for a living? Two words: health insurance. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I live through pain, fatigue, and bizarre symptoms daily.

Anonymous Girl is the only place where I can write honestly about relationships, step parenting, financial, and health struggles to save my sanity…and hopefully provide an interesting read.

8 thoughts on “About Rebekah Miller

  1. First of all, thanks for following my blog. I think we are much alike. I have osteoarthritis, FM and several other chronic pain afflictions, not to mention chronic fatigue, bipolar and a few other things to make life interesting. I look forward to reading more and getting to “know” Rebekah. And I too love your writing style.

  2. It’s best to stay anonymous, I show my pic but only my first name and I’m ok with that. I’m sorry you’re living with fibro, the chronic pain is unfortunately invisible, as with my migraines and that makes life tough, as only we know. Looking forward to reading posts on your blog. 🙂

      1. I’ll do my best to participate in liebster as soon as I have a little spare time. I type incredibly quickly so I was able to post an update, but I read very slowly. Darn dyslexia. I’ll try to do this a bit later. Thanks. 🙂

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