The Saga of CJ: A Second Suicide Attempt

CJ called while I was was at work. He’d been admitted to the hospital following another suicide attempt. He just wanted to let me know his heart is damaged this time and that he wants to die.

He had another fight with his on-again off-again girlfriend. He quit his job to help her move to another place. The land lady had enough of the fights, police visits, suicide threats/attempts, and filth and evicted them.

The primary reason for CJ’s call was to tell me he had nowhere to go…again. He wanted to stay at my place…again. I refused. It’s hard to tell a friend who has just attempted suicide and is in the hospital with heart damage that he cannot stay at your place. ¬†However, last time he stayed I established some rules of conduct and he broke each rule.

CJ’s primary offence was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend. She is manipulative and quite literally insane. She has attempted to scratch his eyes out more than once, cheated on him, and been generally abusive. CJ is not completely innocent, of course, but he’s never cheated on her or caused her physical harm. She filed a restraining order against him. After CJ was served, she invited him over to her place then called the cops. She’s always doing this type of manipulative crap and this is why I established the rule that CJ could speak with her via phone, but not in person.

Almost immediately after being discharged from his last hospital stay, CJ began sneaking away to see her against the advice of his therapists and friends. He knew the rules. He knew he wasn’t permitted to stay with me any longer if they got back together. He simply didn’t care.

He and I haven’t spoken much since he abandoned half of his belongings and re-entered his miserable relationship. Until the phone call. ¬†I can’t do this. I can’t let him drag me into the middle of his self destructive drama by staying with me again.