Then Life Happened…

The drama with my family has finally calmed down. My sister and her nasty attitude have flown home. I announced to the extended family that, yes, Jonathan knows I cannot have children. He knew that before we were married and he’s fine with this fact.

I spent all day Saturday cleaning and unpacking box after box. Today I got up early, started Irish cabbage stew in the slow cooker and made pico de gallo with some of the bazillion tomatoes from the garden. After cleaning up the kitchen, I washed load after load of laundry.

Then, I cleaned and organized Oliver’s room. Oliver, 9, is a walking toy explosion so I threw out a huge bag of trash then put everything else in labeled bins. Now all Oliver needs to do to clean his room is put things in the labeled bin.

Jonathan worked on the kitchen re-do. He installed crown molding and ran wire for the pendant lights. So far we have new tile, new appliances, the shell for the bar, and a completely redone ceiling. Jonathan is one hard working guy. He gets more done in a day than most people get done in a week. After the kitchen project is complete, he plans to tile the downstairs floor next. Currently the downstairs is covered in old stinky carpet which the previous home owners’ elderly incontinent cat used as a litter box. I’ve cleaned the carpet a few times, but it still smells slightly of cat pee. The only thing we can do is replace the carpet, really.

This coming week I’ll be preparing the kids for school by getting them to bed on time and waking them up at 6A every morning. At work I’ll be dreading the stupid self evaluation we have to do every year. What  pointless waste of time. The manager and supervisor give you whatever “rating” they think you should have regardless of how much time you’ve wasted on evaluating yourself. Besides, I really don’t take this job too seriously. In the past, my job defined who I was as a person however since my previous job was horrible, I decided to stop defining myself by a job over which I have no control. As as result, I don’t work as hard. I’m really not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

The Seemingly Imaginary Stench

Over the weekend, I invited numerous people over to sniff test my house and basement. Surely someone must be able to smell the horrible stench that three realtors have supposedly complained about. I say “supposedly” because the realtor has yet to name the people who have complained about the stench. Are there real complaints???

Anyway, none of the 5 people who sniffed my house had any unpleasant feedback in spite of being encouraged to give negative feedback. 2 of the people own pets and 3 do not own pets. One person said my house smelt faintly floral. Another said the house smelt like cleaning spray. Everyone else said my house smelt “fine” or “like nothing at all”.  So, the mystery stench can only be smelled by 3 nameless individuals at unknown points it time, it seems.

If none of the house sniffers can smell the mystery stench, how can I possibly know the problem is resolved?  Does the stench exist at all? What an annoying problem to have.

Stench or no stench, I spent the weekend packing my things and using products to give my house a light citrus scent. Maybe that will eclipse the seemly imaginary stench? Who knows…

I do know that after three days of non-stop hard physical labor, every joint in my body is screaming from the pain. I’ve had to take every medication available to me just to be able to function: ultram, savella, orphedrine, lortab… While I do hate popping pills, I’m thankful that pain management medication exists. Otherwise, I would have had to spend the past two days in bed recovering from Friday.